Welcome Message of Mayor of Oradea City
Jul 16, 2010

In 2006, the city of Oradea started successfully to organize european water polo events with the L.E.N Juniors European Championships. The achievement at a very good level of this sport event, with 16 teams participating, very well appreciated and so Oradea was designated to staged more major water polo events like: FINA Men’s Water Polo Qualification Tournament for Olympic Games 2008, European Master Championship 2009, tournament of European Cups and the last but not the least, in the best sport conditions: European Water Polo Championships 2010 group C Qualification Tournament, with our team on the first place.

As the Major of Oradea City, I am glad to see the sport activity in the Olympic swimming pool “Ioan Alexandrescu” as well as in the 33 m pool, completely modernized, which is an encouraging one for us. The activity of learning and practicing swimming at the amateur level in our facilities is very good and healthful for our citizens and in the same time the height performance level in water polo in our seniors and juniors club teams made us very proud, by the excellent results in national and international amended competitions.

We received with great satisfaction the proposal of Romanian Water Polo Federation to host this year, in Oradea the 14th edition of FINA Men’s Water Polo Cup.

I am sure that our city is the best choice and we are ready to stand at the level as FINA demands for such a world competition.
We are pleased to welcome our quests, the best national water polo teams in the world, the officials, delegates and referees , with all our hospitality, as we are always happy to host important and major sport events in our city.

Wishing to all participants the best achievements in this competition, the promotion of the dynamism and sport spectacle of the water polo sport and of course a very pleasant stay in Oradea.


Ilie Bolojan
Mayor of Oradea City

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