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About Oradea

Oradea, one of the beautiful cities of Eastern Europe, is the entrance gate to Romania, on the Western border, and the capital of the Bihor County. Located on the hills between Crisana Plain and the foot of the Western Carpathians, on the banks of the Crisul Repede River, the town blends nostalgic imprints of the past, magic of nature and wind of change all together. Petit Paris, as Oradea Mare used to be called in the early 20th century, has the spirit of the belle epoque even today. This feeling is rendered by the architectural Secession style that gives a special elegance to this town, still preserving the atmosphere of the turn of the last century. The town also suggests a long lasting spirit of a community that, for centuries, has been placed at the crossroads of trade routes, at the junction of civilizations, circumscribed to both the Western and the Eastern Worlds.

Nowadays the community of Oradea reveals its awareness about the historical heritage that shaped the development of the town and helped with valuing the transitory interests of the political forces in both Central and South- Eastern Europe. It also displays a good example of cohabitation of different ethnic groups, each of them contributing to the development of a stimulating friendly environment, appropriate for personal achievements.

The location of the town, on the banks of the river Crisul Repede and at the junction of the Western Plain and the lowest hill range of the Apuseni Mountains on the one hand, and on the trade route that linked Western, Central and South-Eastern Europe to the Far East, on the other hand, helped Oradea to become an important political, economical, religious and cultural center. Since prehistoric times, this region has been inhabited by a native population, always ready to make contacts with the human groups passing through, or setting in Oradea.

Facts and figures

► area: 11,556 ha, the 10th city of Romania

► population: about 225,000 inhabitants. Population ethnic structure: 70.3% Romanians, 27.6% Hungarians, 2.1% Other

► 10 km away from Bors, the biggest custom-house on the Western border, geographical position Western Romania, at the junction of the roads connecting Central and Northern Europe with South-eastern part of the continent.


► Plane, internal return run Bucharest-Oradea (1 hr 15min)

► Plane, external return runs Verona-Oradea

► At one hour by international airport of Debrecen (HUN), at two hours by international airports of Cluj (ROU) and Timisoara (ROU) and 3 hours by international airports of Budapest (HUN)

► External trains which make the connection with the biggest European capitals

► International road E60, European road

The geographical position, the rich history, the beauty of the buildings together with the geo-thermal water with their miraculous healing effects favor the tourism potential, recreation and entertainment.

Hotels and restaurants of high quality, nightclubs, stylish bars, pubs and discos, parks and gyms could offer moments of relaxation and a good time together with family or friends. The Romanian cuisine is a pleasant surprise, it is said that cater to all tastes. But you can fi nd also restaurants with other specifi c: Hungarian, Italian, Irish, American, Greek or Chinese.

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