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Day 6

hour game teams intermediate results final result referees
10:00 21
● places 7th, 8th
 IRI  CHN 0-5 2-6 1-4 2-5 5 - 20

Roberto Cabral (BRA)
Mihajlo Ciric (SRB)

game summary


● places 5th, 6th

 ROU  AUS 1-1 3-1 2-2 3-1 9 - 5

Jaime Moliner (ESP)
Dragan Stampalija (CRO) 

game summary

16:00 23
● places 3rd, 4th
 USA  ESP 1-3 3-3 1-2 3-4 8 - 12

Michael Hart (AUS)
Adrian Alexandrescu (ROU) 

game summary

17:30 24
● places 1st, 2nd
 CRO  SRB 0-4 3-2 3-5 1-2 7 - 13

Michael Goldenberg (USA)
Mark Koganov (AZE) 

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Games Reviews

by Camillo Cametti, FINA Press Commission Chairman


15:30 -GAME 21/ Iran (IRI) – China (CHN): 5-20 (0-5, 2-6; 1-4, 2-5)

With 20 goals to Iran the Chinese have confirmed they are much above the level of the weakest teams on the planet and not much below the level of the good teams around. This bode well for them in view of next year World Championships China will stage in Shanghai. Swift actions, great swimming ability and a praiseworthy individual and team technique were the keys to today’s China success. Junliang Guo game was the top scorer, with 4 goals.

Game scorers:

1st Q.: 7:13 Liang; 4:24 Han; 3:54 Lijun Yu Guo; 1:53 Junliang Guo on man-up; 0:27 Yang Wang on man-up (0-5).

2nd Q.: 6:49 Chen; 5:42 Junliang Guo; 5:12 Jang; 3:49 Junliang Guo; 3:16 Piroozkhah (I); 2:53 Pan (LH) on man-up; 0:13 Chen on man-up (2-11).

3rd Q.: 6:04 Li; 3:45 Karamizarandi (I) on man-up; 1:23 Junliang Guo on man-up; 0:39 Yang Wang; 0:01 Li (3-15).

4th Q.: 7:24 Xie on man-up; 6:50 and 5:58 Jiang scored twice on action; 3:46 Khani (I); 2:50 Beiming Wang; 2:06 Yang Wang; 0:34 Piroozkhah (I) (5-20).

11:30 -GAME 22/ Romania (ROU) – Australia (AUS): 9-5 (1-1, 3-1; 2-2, 3-1)

Romania won this important match and, thanks to the 5th place they conquered over Australia, they qualified to the FINA World Championships 2011. The “Aussies” tried their best, managing to tie both the 1st and the 3rd periods but the locals prevailed 3-1 in both the 2nd and the 4th period, putting between them and their opponents a considerable 4-goals gap.

Game scorers:

1st Q.: 6:53 McGregor (A); 6:02 Negrean (R) on penalty (1-1).

2nd Q.: 7:18 Campbell (A) on man-up; 6:35 Iosep (R) on penalty; 4:01 Goanta (R) on action; 2:50 Diaconu (R) on action (4-2).

3rd Q.: 7:01 McGregor (A) 5:16 Iosep (R) on penalty; 1:54 Martin (A); 0:17 Goanta (R) on man-up (6-4).

4th Q.: 6:07 left handed Iosep (R) scored his third goal on man-up, giving Romania a 3-goal lead: enough to secure a favourable outcome of the match; 3:51 Busila (R) increased the lead, finalising a team action through an outside throw (8-4); 1:14 Georgescu (R) from two metres on a breakaway action; 0:59 McGregor (A) converted a non influential penalty (9-5).
At the end, the Romanians celebrated their qualification partying in the water, while on the tribunes the crowd cheered and chanted

16:00 – GAME 23 / USA – Spain (ESP): 8-12 (1-3, 3-3; 1-2, 3-4)

Spain took an early two-goal lead in the first period. Then both teams traded goals until half time, when the score was 6-4 for the Iberians. Spain increased their lead by one goal in the 3rd quarter, which they won 2-1, going into the last quarter with a 3-goal lead. In the last quarter Spain increased their lead by one more goal and won the bronze medal.

Game scorers:

1st Q.: Two goals from outside – at 6:36 with Minguell (E) and at 4:51 with Martin (E) gave Spain a comfortable lead; at 2:26 Javier Garcia (E), on a counter-attack, scored the third for Spain (3-0). After missing some extra-man opportunities – much to the solid Spanish defence, the Unites States scored their first goal with Corcoran , from outside, just a moment before the expiration of the first period, at 0:01 (1-3). Left handed Javier Garcia was the game top scorer with 4 goals.

2nd Q.: 6:24 Espanol (E) on man-up; 5:40 Hutten (US) from outside; 5:00 Powers (US), centrally, from 10 metres; 3:47 Javier Garcia (E) on man-up; 3:13 Smith (US) on e-man; 2:43 Valles (E) on man-up (4-6).

3rd Q.: 3:51 Powers (US) scored his second goal on man-up; 3:24 Espanol (E) also scored his second, on action; 2:18 Javier Garcia (E) on action (5-8).

4th Q. :6:58 Hopkins (US) on man-up; 6:36 Szirany (E) action goal from two metres; 5:18 Espanol (E) scored his third rebounding the ball into goal from two metres, on man-up ; 4:08 and 3:32 Bailey (US) scored two consecutive goals, the first on x-man, the second on action; 1:19 Javier Garcia (E) on extra-man; 0:38 Felipe Perrone (E) picked up a rebound from the American goalie Moses and scored the last goal (8-12).

17:30 - GAME 24 / Croatia (CRO) - Serbia (SRB): 7-13 (0-4, 3-2; 3-5, 1-2)

In the first quarter Serbia took an unexpected 4-goal wide lead, thanks to two man-up goals from Gocic and two action goals from Udovicic. In addition Serbia’s goalie Soro contributed with a pair of great saves. Croatia reduced the gap to 3 goal by winning the 2nd quarter 3-2. However, in the 3rd period Serbia took over again, scoring five times against three of the Croatians. The 5-goal gap at the beginning of the last fraction appeared unbridgeable, and so it was. Actually, the final goal gap increased to 6 goals. Throughout this game the Croatians have shown lack of concentration, perhaps satisfied with their silver medal and their qualification to the next World Championships.

Game scorers:

1st Q.:7:04 Gocic (S) on man-up; 5:02 Udovicic (S) centrally on action from outside; 3:54 Gocic scored his second goal also on man-up; 1:24 Udovicic (S) on action, again from outside (0-4).

2nd Q.: 5:00 Karac (C) on action; 4:39 Mitrovic (S) on action; 4:19 Sukno (C) on penalty; 3:50 Filipovic (S); 0:04 Buslje (C) from two metres on man-up (3-6).

3rd Q.: 7:03 Dusko Pijetlovic (S) on extra-man; 6:22 Barac (C) on action; 5:43 Filipovic (S) scored his second on extra-man; 4:23 Mitrovic (S) on man-up; 2:30 Udovicic (S) scored his third, again from outside; at 1:56 and 1:09 Croatia scored twice on man-up, first with Sukno then with Buslje (both scored their second goal).; 0:26 Gocic (S) scored hid third goal (6-11).

4th Q.: 7:40 Udovicic (S) on action scored his fourth goal; then both Sukno (C) at 6:03 and Filipovic (S) at 5:35 scored their third goal (7-13).


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