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Day 2

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5 - B1/B3

 CRO  CHN 3-1 4-1 2-0 5-2 14 - 4

Michael Hart (AUS)
Hooshang Hafezi (IRI) 

game summary | review


6 - A1/A3

 AUS  ROU 3-1 3-4 1-2 2-4 9 - 11

Mihajlo Ciric (SRB)
Mark Koganov (AZE)

game summary | review


7 - B2/B4

 USA  SRB 1-3 1-3 1-4 6-7 9 - 17

Jaime Moliner (ESP)
Andrey Shaydakov (RUS)

game summary | review


8 - A2/A4

 IRI  ESP 0-6 0-7 1-5 0-8 1 - 26

Roberto Cabral (BRA)
Dragan Stampalija (CRO)

game summary | review


Games review

by Camillo Cametti, FINA Press Commission Chairman

15:30 - GAME 5 / Croatia (CRO) - China (CHN): 14-4 (3-1, 4-1; 2-0, 5-2)

Croatia landed a comfortable victory against a Chinese side who was combative but whose defence proved too volatile for he mighty Balkan squad. Dobud top scored the game with four goals while Boskovic, Sukno and the Chinese Liang managed a hat-trick each. Goals per quarter.

1ST Q. The first two goals were scored by Croatia respectively at 38 seconds inside the 1st quarter by Boskovic and Dobud, at 5:34, both on x-man. Dobud followed up with an action goal at 3:42. Half a minute later Liang scored for China, also n x-man.

2ND Q. Sukno converted a penalty less than a minute inside the 2nd quarter, at 7:06: actually the Croatian striker managed to convert on his second attempt, after the Chinese goalie Ge rebounded his first throw. At 5:52 Chinese centre-forward Liang scored an action goal from two metres, his second in the game. At 2:23 Karac finalised a breakaway action and scored on lob shot. At 1:48 Sukno scored his second goal on a another counterattack. Croatia’s # 9 managed a hat trick at 35 seconds to the end of the period, once more on a counter-attack.

3RD Q. 4:07 Jokovic strikes lethally. 2:04 Boskovic converted a penalty for Croatia. At 0:58 Ge saved on a penalty shot from Muslim.

4TH Q. 7:06 Liang managed also a hat trick on a breakaway action. 5:24, Buljubasic scored on lob shot from 2 metres finalising a breakaway action. 3:55 Jokovic scores is second on action. 3:12 third triple of the game when Boskovic scored his third. Pan scored the fourth goal for China at 1:43. Dobud scores his third and fourth goals both on backshots, respectively at 86 and 11 seconds to the end.
Croatia’s coach Ratko Rudic told us he was very satisfied with his players: “The preparation is not yet perfect but the team is growing”.

17:00 - GAME 6/ Australia (AUS) - Romania (ROU): 9-11 (3-1, 3-4; 1-2, 2-4)

The Australians went out strongly from the start. At the end of the first period the score was 3-1 in their favour. Then it was a crescendo for the home team, supported by a raucous crowd. The Romanians reacted and managed to come back scoring four goals in the second period against three of the Aussies. They also won the 3rd and the 4th quarters (2-1 and 4-2). The game was exciting, well played by both sides. Victory went to the team that wanted it most, Romania. Romania won both games while Australia suffered its second consecutive defeat. Best scorers of the game were Kadar, Radu and Miller, all capable of a hat-trick. 

1st Q. 6:15 Diaconu missed a penalty (Stanton saved). 5:48 Miller (AUS) scored the first goal on action. 5:22 Romania’s centre-forward Radu equalised, also on action, from 2 metres. 4:50 Miller scored his second goal on x-man. 1:26 Younger (AUS) scored to put Australia 2 goals ahead (3-1).

2nd Q. 7:33 Kadar (ROU) reduces the gap shooting from outside. After 23 seconds Campbell restores the 2-goal gap also shooting from the distance. 6:29 Kadar scored his second again from the long distance. 5:45 Romania equalised with Diaconu who shoot a missile from about 10 metres (4-4). 4:14 Romania one goal up thanks to a penalty converted by Gerogescu (4-5). With 53 seconds to the end McGregor shoot from the distance and equalised for Australia (5-5). Then Campbell with 17 seconds missing to the end of the period scored his second goal and put his team in the lead on man up (6-5).

3rd Q. 3.27 Iosep equalised for Romania on a man-up situation (6-6) but less than a minute later, at 2:40, Miller scored his third goal, also on superiority (7-6). A new equaliser came from Georgescu with 7 seconds missing to the end of the period (7-7).

4th Q. 6:44 Radu on a solitary breakaway scored a decisive goal on a breakaway action putting Romania in the lead (7-8). One and two minutes later two equally decisive saves from Stoenescu secured that narrow but vital lead. 4:49 Martin equalised for Australia man up but Kadar let the favourable momentum for Romania going on and scored his third at 4:16 (8-9).

3:25 Busila put the seal on the home victory scoring on superiority and giving Romania a safe 2-goal lead for the first time in the match (8-10) sending the crowd wild.
2:23 A penalty converted by Radu threatened to give the Australian side a too severe punishment (8-11) but at 1:59 McGregor (AUS) scored his second, on extra man, to fix the final score on 9-11.

18:30 - GAME 7/ USA - Serbia (SRB): 9-17 ( 1-3, 1-3; 1-4, 6-7)

Expectations were for a tight game between the Olympic silver and bronze medallists. Instead the United States seemed intimidated by the powerful Serbian side and had to learn a severe and painful lesson. In fact, after scoring the first goal of the match, they had d to bow the initiative and managed to comfortably rule the game with three goal in each of the first two periods and four in the 3rd quarter while the Americans scored only one time in each of the first three periods. Both team played the last quarter quite relaxed scoring in this period 13 goals overall: 6 for the USA, 7 for Serbia. Serbia’s captain Vanja Udovicic top scored the match with 5 goals.

1st Q. USA out on the offensive and scoring an early goal with Hutten at 7:34. Serbia did not take much time to equalise at 7:18, with Dusko Pijetovic (1-1) and then to take the lead (2-1) again with its number 6 at 6:22 and to increase the lead with Udovicic exactly a minute later 5:22 (1-3).

2nd Q. 6:33 Nikic (SRB) widened the gap scoring on x-man (1-4). 5:36 Bailey (USA) on man-up. (2-4). 5:09 and 0:31Nikic scored his second goal on action and his third on superiority. Score at half time 2-6.

3rd Q. 7:26 and 6:07 Vapenski and Udovicic increased the lead on a breakout goals (2-8). 4:45 Azevedo scored on action (3-8). 4:14 Nikic scored his 4th goal on man-up. Soon after Udovicic scored his third on a counterattack (3-10).

4th Q. 7:03 Mitrovic’s goal was soon answered by Azevedo at 6:44 (4-11). 5:17 Udovicic scored his fourth goal on extra-man (4-12). 4:31 Prlainovic scored his first also on superiority (4-13). 4:11 Smith (USA) netted the ball on superiority (5-13). 3:52 Udovicic fifth goal (5-14). 3:35 Sharf (6-14). 3.11Filipovic on x-man (6-15). 2.45 Varellas (7-15). 2:05 Prlainovic on action scored his second goal. 1:20 Sharf second goal on action (8-16). 1:02 Prlainovic again for his third on penalty (8-17). The last goal of the match came from Varellas in superiority at 3 seconds from the end (9-17).

20:00 - GAME 8 / Iran (IRI) - Spain (ESP): 1-26 (0-6, 0-7; 1-5, 0-8)

Easy stroll for the Spaniards with eleven players scoring at least one goal. Javier Garcia top scored the match with five goals. Goals’ chronicle:

1st Q. 7:10 Javier Garcia on x-man. 5:40 Sziranyi on action. 4:23 Molina on penalty. 2:53 Mallarach on action. 1:31 Mario Garcia on action. 0:33 Valles on action (0-6).

2nd Q. 4:13 Molina on x-man. 3:28 Javier Garcia on action. 2:44 Sziranyi scored his second on action. 1:59 Molina on action. 1:29 Mario Garcia on action. 0:35 Espanol on x-man. On expiration Szirany, on action (0-7).

3rd Q. 5:35 Jafari scored the only goal for Iran on a solitary breakaway attack. 4:12 Espanol on action. 3:24 Javier Garcia on action. 2:56 Minguell action goal. 2:11 Espanol on penalty and, on 1:26, again on action (1-5).

4th Q. 7:38 Valles on action. 5:49 Gallego on action. 4:28 and 3:45 Felipe Perrone scored twice, first on a breakaway action and then on a team action. 2:45 and 2:22 Javier Garcia on action. 1:07 Martin on action. 0:21 Minguell on action.


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