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Day 1

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15:00 1 - B2/B3  USA  CHN 1-0 3-3 3-1 3-2 10 - 6

Adrian Alexandrescu (ROU) 
Hooshang Hafezi (IRI)

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17:00 2 - A2/A3  IRI  ROU 0-8 0-8 0-6 1-4 1 - 26

He Jianguo (CHN)
Roberto Cabral (BRA)

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18:30 3 - B1/B4  CRO  SRB 2-2 1-1 3-2 4-3 10 - 8

Andrey Shaydakov (RUS)
Mark Koganov (AZE)

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20:00 4 - A1/A4  AUS  ESP 4-2 1-3 0-1 2-3 7 - 9

Dragan Stampalija (CRO)
Michael Goldenberg (USA)

game summary | review


Games Review

by Camillo Cametti, FINA Press Commission Chairman

15:00 - Game 1 / USA - China (CHN): 10-6 (1-0, 3-3, 3-1, 3-2)

With three goals in each quarter - except for the first one when they scored one goal - the United States managed a comfortable victory over China. Only the second quarter was a tie (3-3).

Hutten (USA’s #10) scored the first goal of the match at 2:21 inside the first quarter, man up.

The second quarter was a tie, 3-3. The vice Olympic champions where always in control, and always ahead but the reactive Chinese were capable of answering each goal and staying in the game.

At 4:46 of the second quarter Corcoran doubled the score for the USA but just 28 seconds later a backshot from Yu narrows the distance (2-1); at 3:18 Hutten scored his second, the USA are up again two goals; less than a minute later, at 2:39, Li striked from the right (3-2); at 2:09 Powers converted a man up situation: USA up two goals once more. At 1:03 Pan scored in his turn, one man up.

Twenty seconds inside the 3rd , Azevedo netted his first (5-3). At 6:52 Hopkins widened the gap (6-3). At 3.02 Azevedo missed a penalty but Ge, the Chinese goalie, is to be credited with a great save. At 2:03 Bailey scored a controversial goal (ball on the line).

Yang Wang shoot in the net from outside, with 1:17 missing to the end of the quarter (7-4). At 5:42 Bailey converted on a penalty shot (8-4). At 3:20 Tan shoots lethally from outside (8-5) but just 19 seconds later Sharf reinstated the 4-goals gap (9-5). At 2:08 Stevens replaced Moses in the goal. At 1:17 Sharf made his second goal from 2 metres (10-5). With 32 seconds to the end, Tan scored his second goal too (10-6).

17:00 - Game 2 / Iran (IRI) - Romania (ROU): 1-26 (0-8, 0-8, 0-6, 1- 4)

In front of a happy friendly crowd, which filled the Ion Alexandrescu Olympic Pool to capacity, Romania staged a festival of goals against the willing Iranian side in what had predictably resulted a one way game. The home players scored eight times both in the first and the second quarter, six in the 3rd and four in the last period. Scorers for Romania in each quarter: 1st - 6:40 Diaconu, 5:35 Radu, 4:42 Matei, 3:59 Goanta, 3:09 Georgescu, 2:10 Cretu, 1:40 Georgescu, 0:08 Goanta; 2nd - 7:31 Radu, 5:14 Diaconu, 4:45 Radu, 3:28 Goanta, 2:32 Negrean, 1:10 Matei, 0:52 Negrean, 0:16 Negrean; 3rd - 6:06 Georgescu, 4:49 Iosep, 3:11 Cretu, 2:12 Matei, 1:33 Goanta, 0:48 Georgescu; 4th – 4:43 Matei, 2:44 Negrean, 1:58 Georgescu, 0:01 Diaconu. Georgescu top scored the game with 5 goals while Negrean, Matei and Goanta scored 4 goals each. Iran scored its only goal at 5:42 of the 4th quarter with #8 Jafary.

18:30 - Game 3 / Croatia (CRO) - Serbia (SRB): 10-8 (2-2, 1-1; 3-2, 4-3)

Both sides played at their best, except for some imperfect shootings now and then. Croatia’s Sukno top scored the game with four goals. Overall, mighty and powerful Croatia and Serbia met expectations and gave life to an enjoyable game, the game of the day.

Croatia was always moving ahead by one goal while Serbia was always catching up and equalising, until the Croatians scored three unanswered goals in the second part of the last quarter, gaining victory over the recent World League champions and last year world champions.

1st quarter. Boskovic (CRO) scored the first goal 54 seconds after the beginning of the match, in superiority. Filipovic (SRB) equalised at 4:24, also in superiority. Sukno (CRO) scored his first at 2:30, on a counter attack. Filipovic (SRB) missed a penalty (actually Brzica made a great save) at 2:12 but soon after, at 1:47, he managed to score, converting a man-up opportunity (2-2).

2nd quarter. Buric shoot from the distance and scored the third goal for Croatia. Mitrovic (SRB) equalised at 4:39, with two men up. At 2:20 Croatia missed an easy opportunity with two extra men.

3rd quarter. At 4:54 Sukno (CRO) scored in superiority amidst the protests of Serbia’s coach and players: coach Udovicic received a yellow card.
4:07 Gocic (SRB) equalizeds. A minute later Sukno brought Croatia up again, with an impromptu goal at 3:06 (5-4); twenty seconds later Prlainovic (SRB) equalised again (5-5) but, at 1:17, Rudic’s team was brought up again by a goal in superiority from Hinic (6-5).

4th quarter. Nikic (SRB) equalised at 7.31 (6-6); at 6:34 Dobud put Croatia up one goal again from 2 metres (7-6); at 5.46 Vanja Udovicic shoot one more equaliser in man up (7-7).
Three unanswered goals from Croatia represented the turning point in the match.

At 4:17 left handed Jokovic scored in superiority (8-7) followed by Boskovic who converted a penalty at 3:42 and by Sukno who scored his fourth goal of the match in superiority at 2:23: score at 10-7 and game over. The last goal scored by Udovicic in superiority, at 8 seconds to the end, sealed the score at 10-8 for Croatia.

20:00 - Game 4 / Australia (AUS) - Spain (ESP): 7-9 (4-2, 1-3, 0-1, 2-3)

A swift game with much swimming and dynamism. The Aussies started off at full steam gaining the first quarter 4-2. Australia scored twice in superiority with Miller at 7:06, and… at 5:16; Spain equalised scoring twice in its turn, also in superiority with Javier Garcia at 4:32 and Felipe Perrone 2:32. Then two more goals for Australia, at 1:04 with… and 0:17 with Mc Gregor.

Spain prevailed in the 2nd quarter with three goals to one: Felipe Perrone scored at 7:02 (4-3); Campbell (AUS) at 4:01 (5-3); Espanol at 3.15 in superiority (5-4) and Minguell, at 0:23, who equalised (5-5).

1:03 inside the 3rd quarter Felipe Perrone scored his third, on extra-man, moving Spain in the lead (5-6) for the first time.

By coincidence at 1:03 inside the last quarter Molina gave Spain a two-goal lead (5-7), Valles followed up scoring at 3:02 (5 – 8 for Spain); at 2:45 Younger (AUS) narrowed the gap on extra man at 2:45 (6-8), Molina again at 2:04 in superiority (6-9 for Spain). At 0:44 Martin scores for Australia the last goal from outside (7-9). Lopez defended the Spanish goal from the start.

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